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You want to buy or sell your product online or offline, but you are scare anything might go wrong, yeah, with Abebelpay escrow services, your online safety is guarantee


With Abebelpay escrow service, buying or selling online is easy, inform your seller/buyer, create transaction, pay or inform your buyer to pay, once payment confirm, item shipped.


Abebelpay Escrow service is 100% secure. When anything goes wrong, we refund your money or goods. Abebelpay is secure either you buy or sell anything online or offline

Four (4) ways to transact using Abebelpay

Step one

Buyer and seller agree to terms~ Description of agreement, sale price, number of days allowed of buyer inspection, delivery information.

Step two

Buyer pays, buyer submits payment via payment options to, verifies the receipt of payment.

Abebel pay Abebel pay
Step three

Seller delivers merchandise to the buyer. Upon verification seller ships the merchandise, Seller submits the delivery information, verifies the delivery of the merchandise.

Step four

Buyer accepts merchandise. Buyer accepts or rejects merchandise within agreed upon time frame and seller get paid

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